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  • Beautiful cobalt blue sparkles in stones
  • Heavy rhodium plate over brass , never tarnishes
  • Stones measure .5" x 3/8"
  • Bangle measures .25"
  • One of Kind designs
  • Unisex

Beautiful bright rhodium plate with cobalt blue sparkles makes this bracelet a real beauty, great piece that will be cherished for years, wear alone or stacked with other silver bracelets for pop of color

Blue Sandstone Silver Bracelet Cuff

Excluding Sales Tax
  • The creation of Blue Sandstone is an artful process that transforms basic elements into a mesmerizing gem. Crafted from quartz sand and infused with cobalt, copper, and other elements, the delicate dance of nature and human craftsmanship results in the creation of Blue Sandstone crystals. The methodical process brings to life the distinct sparkles within the stone, reminiscent of a celestial, starlit sky.

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