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Machu Picchu Peru 2016
Moab National Arches 2018



Christine Renau born in Poland started designing jewelry in her early twenties, where she quickly grew with nationwide reps, better boutiques,

 TV shows and high end magazines. Since life sometimes dictates what we need to do and not what we would like to do, she took a break from designing and went back into the business she originally started together with her husband in the electronic industry.  It’s been over twenty years now that she was able to finally retire from the corporate life and return to her love of jewelry designing.

​Launching her second comeback and newest line under Krysia Renau which is her native Polish first name, she designed her first collection of “Nature’s Natural Gems & Stones in 24 karat gold plate and rhodium plate. "I’ve always been known for my creativity and unique designs.  So I understand that if I’m going to be a successful designer I need to be original and unique with my work".

Over the years my creativity in my mind has never left me, if anything it has grown stronger and deeper.

My biggest inspiration comes from nature all around us, including all the beautiful destination trips that I've been so fortunate to experience in my life.   

Krysia has also been involved over the recent years in Interior Decorating which have included private residences in California, Park City Utah, and Mexico. 

Krysia resides in Calabasas California with her husband and their two dogs, Mak and Grande. 



Krysia designs original modern gemstone jewelry

Representing the beautiful California lifestyle

 Infused with our breathtaking nature



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