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Large Fossilized Tooth Ring

  • Million year old Megalodon shark tooth fossil
  • Beautiful fossilized condition
  • Set in 24k gold plate hammered brass
  • Measures 1 3/4" x 1 3/4"
  • Ring is adjustable
  • One of kind designs
  • Unisex can be worn by men or women

Due to the size of this ring it is not advisable for very small fingers

This million year old Megalodon shark tooth is beautifully fossilized showing all details and polished to a high luster.


According to the Hawaiian culture, it is believed that sharks are the embodiment of god and their tooth as a protective amulet. Apart from rendering protection it also seems as honoring sea creatures, family deities, and ancestors. Considered to be a symbol of friendship becomes a fashion choice today. The natural charm of the “man of the wild” it is known to lure women and create irresistible attraction for women near and far.


Fossil Tooth Ring

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