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  • Free form opal with natural matrix
  • Multi flash colors in tones of lilac, pink, blues, purples, orange
  • Set in 24k heavy gold plate over brass
  • Measures approx. 1” x ¾”
  • Adjustable wide band from size 7 to 10
  • One of kind designs with all natural inclusions
  • Hand crafted in California
  • Opal is birthstone for October

Ethiopian Opal Free Form Gold Ring Adjustable Purple Tones

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Ethiopian opal is believed to protect the user from the evil’s eye.

    The stone comes in varying beautiful colors, each carrying an important symbolism. The white Ethiopian opal symbolizes freedom, green stands for cheerfulness, yellow stands for abundant wealth, and brown is intended to bring wisdom.

    In addition to being one of two birthstone for October (the other is tourmline)  Opals are aso given for the 14th wedding anniversary.

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