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Gorgeous Natural Black Garnet Ring

  • Natural formed garnet with cubic crystal structure 
  • Stone has excellent luster
  • 24k gold plate over hammered brass
  • Adjustable
  • One of Kind no two are ever alike
  • Measures approx. 1 1/8” x 1 ¾” x  .5
  • Each stone has its own natural inclusions that have not been changed in any way

This ring is truly a beauty for the stone beauty and it's luster, big eye catcher and conversational piece.

Black garnets are also called Melanite Black Andradite Garnet and are believed to  have amazing metaphysical properties that may helpyou in making a stronger link with the earth. This particular deep link may bring through an energy, which helps you in feeling even more alive.

Black Garnet Gold Ring

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