Agate Crystal Geode Half On Stand

  • Filled with large clear and gorgeous diamond tiny crystal points 
  • In hues of white with black tiny specs 
  • Polished front
  • Measuring 10"x7"x3.5" on stand
  • Comes on a black metal stand

This is a beautiful and modern decor piece for any home, makes a unique gift for that someone very special.

When the quartz geode appears in transparent and opaque shades, many regard it as a marker for feng shui that helps boost the flow of energy in a living place.


Formed in nature and by nature, each geode has a different type of crystal and different type of energy within. The geode helps you connect with your inner self, healing from within, as the crystals in the geode grow inside the rock.


White Agate Quarts Crystal Geode on Stand

$300.00 Regular Price
$240.00Sale Price